CR Voice & Data

At CR, we regularly assess market conditions and negotiate with our Preferred Partners to ensure that we are able to provide industry leading solutions and to deliver maximum benefit for our Members. Our goal is to help Members make financial savings and develop efficiencies enabling them to redirect their finite resources back to their core mission. For the last 16 years, CR has provided discounted landline and mobile services to our Members. In conjunction with Optus and Ethan Group, CR has now developed a broader range of technology and communications solutions to better suit the fast changing telecommunications environment. This range includes mobile data (for mobile phones, tablets and wireless modems), internet access, large and complex data services, managed IT services and more. We believe that this new ICT solution will deliver the outcomes required to help our Members excel in their businesses while also saving to help them concentrate on their core mission. To learn more about CR, visit


Ethan Group

Ethan Group is an Australian-owned information technology and communications service provider which offers systems integration, technology sourcing, business systems architecture, telecommunications, and information communications technology (ICT) consulting services. Ethan Group build and manage communication ,application and infrastructure solutions for medium-sized businesses, large multinationals and government organisations.



The Optus Network powers CR Voice & Data, especially our mobile, data and voice products. The breadth and flexibility of our solutions means you can rely on us to keep you connected to your customers, wherever they are. Optus bring together the right people, technologies and partners to deliver the best solution for your business. And by managing your services and solutions end-to-end we can help you make the most of your ICT investment.


Commschoice supports CR Voice & Data members to fully understand their core telecommunications need through analysis and benchmarking their existing service provision against a longer term telecommunications plan.