Why we moved from Telstra to Optus


Many NFP organisations are now enjoying fantastic deals and services for their telecommunications needs through the CR Voice & Data Solution. However, many others still have questions and are unsure why Church Resources (CR) moved its partnership from Telstra and started a new one with Optus.

The feedback from our Members’ regarding CR Voice & Data has highlighted the need to explain why we moved to Optus, how the new partnership works, and how NFPs are significantly benefiting from this major and exciting change.

1. Why we did it

At the time of the change, almost a year ago, CR was unfortunately unable to disclose to our Members the reasons behind the decision. This was simply due to the strict confidentiality clauses contained in our dealings with our Partners. 

Our early decision to consider a change, was driven by the feedback we received from our Members. After almost two years of negotiation seeking to meet our Members requests for data and other products to be made available, Telstra offered us a limited range of solutions that covered only fixed lines and mobiles under a “Business Service Agreement”. This agreement was only available to the Catholic Church. The Management Team at CR saw this as limiting us from being able to deliver on our promise to ALL CR Members. With Optus, CR Voice & Data now offers all NFP organisations a full range of ICT Services, critical to changes rapidly occurring in the Telecommunications sector. The new CR ICT Solution offers fixed lines, mobile plans, ADSL and business broadband now also extending to unified communications, video conferencing, cloud, managed services, and attractive bundled product suites.

At the same time, CR agreed to cease its Dealership agreement with Telstra for the long-term good of our Members. Should we have gone ahead and renewed our agreement with Telstra we felt that Telstra would have severely limited the services available to our Members through the CR Solution and that our Members future needs would not be addressed without significant cost to them. We believe eventually, our Members would not receive the benefit of negotiated and reduced pricing as a result of the ‘aggregated volume’ delivered by CR.

At CR, we pride ourselves in partnering with dynamic organisations who want to participate with us with a real Corporate Social Responsibility ethic. It is imperative our Partners endeavour to present quality, products fit for purpose and competitive offers for our NFP Members. We strive to achieve ‘exclusive benefits’ for our Members which advantage our Members for the long-term.

Optus truly understood this, with the result our newly formed partnership serves to create more attractively priced quality deals in the telecommunication sphere exclusively for ALL not-for-profits.

2. How the partnership works

CR has created a new brand; CR Voice & Data which deals only with CR’s ICT solution: fixed lines, mobiles, data, cloud and managed services. After severing our long-term partnership with Telstra, CR Voice & Data is now able through our partnerships, to offer a wide range of ICT solutions from a numerous and varied suite of Partners and Suppliers; Optus and Ethan Group being our foundation Partners.

Optus is the lead telecommunications provider for fixed lines, mobiles plans and data; however where Optus is unable to support a Members solution, CR Voice & Data is able to provide services through a number of other contributing suppliers. Provisioning, delivery and infrastructure are closely managed by Ethan Group who also support CR Voice & Data with communications, application and infrastructure solutions, and create cutting edge bundles and deals that are exclusively-priced for the NFP sector.

3. How this new partnership benefits the NFP sector

As highlighted above, CR is now able to provide a wide range of cutting edge telecommunication technology and infrastructure to the NFP sector, all at exclusive prices and terms for the NFP sector.

CR Voice & Data products and services are now available to ALL of the NFP Sector, meaning that through our market leading aggregated procurement model, CR can help many more thousands of organisations with their communication and technical needs, leaving them to focus on their core missions.

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