step 1
Select the Digital Pack you require.
step 2
Adjust your Mobile options.
step 3
Select any additional Hardware.
step 4
Add any Software to your bundle.
Step 1
Choose your Digital Pack, available on either NBN or ADSL2+

up to 2 handsets

up to 5 handsets

up to 10 handsets

up to 20 handsets
Local calls
Calls to mobiles
charged per 30 sec block
National calls
Telephone selection
Price per month
on 36 month contract starts at
Pick Your Plan
24/7 customer care + Maintenance on handsets
Step 2
Add the Mobile options you need:

Unlimited Voice & Text + Data

Voice + Unlimited Text + Data

Voice + Text (no data included)

Data add-on for your mobile plan

Data plans for your tablet

Step 3
Select any additional Hardware you need:
Step 4
Add the Software you need:
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